Song of the Day: Pissed Jeans

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Pissed Jeans Track: "People Person" Album:Hope for Men


For some reason, Pissed Jeans picked friendly, almost happy-go-lucky labels for their latest album and its opening song. If you didn't know any better, you might think that things were looking up for this Pennsylvania hardcore band.

They are not.

In fact, this album (and the press release that accompanies it) is one of the bleakest to be released in several years. These are not people persons; these are angry, spiteful persons who sound as if they're fighting each other on stage. By the hammer of Thor! Such anger, such power, such contempt for society and all the petty things that have come to define it.

Combining the disillusionment of The Stooges with the approach of Black Flag, Pissed Jeans rails against pretty much everything in the 10 blistering songs that comprise their second release on Sub Pop. It's the kind of stripped-down hardcore that once played in the mid-80s in some SoCal club no outsider would ever frequent.

If you're looking to trash a hotel, or quit your job in a rage, play "People Person."

Then rip off all your clothes and jump out a window.

Pissed Jeans play Cafe Bourbon Street on Saturday, October 27. Locals Muscle Puzzle and The Unholy Two also will play.This show is getting my early vote for what to do that night.