Nature Notes: Going Green

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Thanks to everyone at and elsewhere for contacting me with a fantastic collection of ideas about how to decrease our impact on the environment. The response I received really helped me put together coverage for today's Alive, our spectacular Green Issue.

As I mentioned to many people during the past weeks, this issue of was extremely important to me. Eco-consciousness is something I've taken to heart, and it seems many have done the same. Recent developments in the news and around Columbus indicate that such concerns are no longer only for radicals.

In today's Alive, you'll find:

- an interview with Cathy Tiffany, a local family woman who has great suggestions for going green in simple ways

- two-page spread on going green in simple, everyday ways like paper and electronic recycling, planting trees and more

- two-page spread on green building, with an emphasis on what's being done locally

- a quick how-to guide on starting a compost pile in an urban setting

- a look at the scooter parking dilemma in Columbus and what could be done to encourage energy-efficient transportation alternatives

One of my goals for the year is to continue writing about green issues. This themed issue was a great start, and it got me thinking about how we can integrate ecoological stories into the paper. Look for more green stories to come.

One last thing: Columbus City Councilwoman Maryellen O'Shaughnessy raised an interesting point when we talked several weeks ago about some of the city's green issues. She mentioned that all the gasoline tax money raised in Ohio is used strictly for road repair and construction. Apparently, that revenue stream is part of the Ohio Constitution.

This situation, in my opinion, should be changed. Why not divert part of that money into the development of energy-efficient transportation, sustainable regional planning or eco-research? Obviously, we need roads - will need them for centuries to come - but our future depends partially on making them obsolete.

I'm currently investigating this issue and what might be done to change it.

Your thoughts?