Lunch Break Links: October 22, 2007

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Columbus Alive

EW has a pretty sweet roundup of Hollywood stars' early bows in the horror genre.

Keeping up the Halloween theme, check out this list of spooky music, complete with MP3s.

Also, enjoy (or cower at) this list the top 70 vampire movies.

TV Guide has a Halloween section as well. Plus: Couch Critic Matt Roush discusses fall TV's casting blunders.

XXL is previewing its Jay-Z cover story little by little.

Kid Rock was arrested after brawling at a Waffle House.

Much more after the jump...

Even though I struggle to differentiate them from The Guess Who, I'm interested in this feature that argues Steppenwolf had much more to say than two ubiquitous hits.

Pitchfork has a conversation with neo-hippie Devendra Banhart.

Hey, a list of 21 (mostly negative) songs about law enforcement.

Rolling Stone counts down the 25 best moments from The Office, although I heartily disagree with their picks.

I've never read a page of Harry Potter in my life, and I've only seen one of the movies, so this probably means more to you than to me: Dumbledore was gay. (I thought that was Alan Rickman's character, but according to the story, I guess not.)

China is banning sex scenes from TV, including "provocative" content like bra and contraceptive commercials.

The latest musical contest show (besides The Next Great American Band) features musicians such as Sisqo, Carnie Wilson and Julio Iglesias, Jr. (not Enrique, of course) in a quest to become country music stars.

Jens Lekman covering Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" seems about right. The song comes in at 16:16 on the radio stream.

I'm glad RZA is trying to help resolve the Ghostface/Wu beef. By the way, Ghost's first single from the new Big Dough Rehab is available at Nah Right.

Stephen Colbert's publicity stunt presidential run might get him and Comedy Central into big trouble.