Lunch Break Links: October 23, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Jens Lekman has officially crossed over: He has drawn the attention of Slate.

Also on Slate: An assessment of filmmakers' portrayal of Boston, including Ben Affleck's new Gone, Baby, Gone.

TV Guide has a few photos from the set of Lost. There's a tiny spoiler (more of a "WTF is that?" kind of thing) and the first episode of the new season is called "The Beginning of the End."

Aside from all the other horrible trouble they're causing, the California wildfires are delaying production on many TV shows, including 24, which has already seen its fair share of delays.

Leo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are working together again. Whatever happened to that Teddy Roosevelt movie?

Anthony Hopkins will portray Alfred Hitchcock.

Interested in hearing Diplo's remix of the Black Lips? Yeah, me too.

The latest Judd Apatow production is called Drillbit Taylor and stars Owen Wilson as the title character. Here's the trailer.

Click here if you want to see Marie Osmond faint during a live broadcast of Dancing With the Stars.

You can buy the soundtracks to the Guitar Hero games on iTunes... but then you won't be able to play the games anymore because you'll be without an arm and a leg.

Stylus's Diamond column examines Madonna's Immaculate Collection.

Nah Right has new Wu. And new Freeway feat. Lil Wayne. And a new Common video. And, well, lots of other videos and MP3s. I love that site.

Stereogum has a blog nerd's dream: A collaboration between Final Fantasy and Beirut's Zach Condon.

Yo La Tengo is bringing back their popular Hanukkah concerts.

Feeling like a freak on a leash? Then let me ask you this: ARE... YOU... READY... for the Jonathan Davis solo tour???!?

Lastly, a bunch of Columbus band videos have been popping up in the donewaiting forum. Here's the new one from Earwig, "She Is a Witness":