What To Do Tonight: Guns, damages, eco-destruction?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

My top live music pick tonight is going down at (surprise, surprise) Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit St. But it isn't a typically raunchy Bobo lineup. Tonight's docket is more fit for Andyman's Treehouse, a combination of folk, spacey guitar pop and something in between. That in-between part is the province of Chicago's The Gunshy. Matt Arbogast sounds as if he died from lung cancer three years ago, but his band (don't let that solo photo confuse you) sounds clean and pristine as they perform his folk-rock tunes. Filling out the bill are beloved Dayton weekend warriors Joe Anderl and the Miami of Ohio Sound Machine and some oft-practicing, rarely performing friends of mine, The Kessel Run. 10 p.m. start, probably a cheap cover ($5 or less, I imagine).

The dude who put the show together, Athens' great concert promoter Brian Ostrander, also is a huge fan of Kevin Devine and Owen, so how strange that those very performers are at The Basement, 391 Neil Ave., tonight. It's a big night for inoffensive indie folk! The timing is just right so that if you share Brian's taste in music, you can make it to both shows. This one's details: 7 p.m. door, $12 tickets.

Also, that strange subset of humanity that makes up Ween's fanbase probably already knows about their show tonight at LC Pavilion (7 p.m. doors, $25), but just in case you didn't, now you do.

Now let's turn our attention to TV.

What else? Well, other than standbys like House (9 p.m., Fox), the only thing I have to offer you is CNN's Planet In Peril, the first of a two-part special in which Anderson Cooper and company explore the environmental issues currently threatening Earth.