A Slice of the Far East

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

CPK used to serve a Hoisin Duck Pizza. It wasn’t the eatery’s most inspired flavor (that honor belongs to the Tandoori Chicken Pizza, also long gone). But still, the chain apparently took the Chinese-inspired pie off the menu a little too soon, because according to PMQ China Pizza Magazine, pizza is huge there.

What industry trends, you ask. Well, here’s a sampling of articles from PMQ China’s latest issue:

- How Cheesy Can You Be? - The Most Important Things You Need To Know About Pizza Sauce - How Appetizing is Your Menu? - Staying on Toppings, Part 2

(I must have missed part one.)

The mag also includes profiles of Chinese pizzerias, which actually look really cool. Traveling to these places must be one of the world’s best writing gigs. Especially appetizing is Europaer, a European-style casual eatery that serves Italian pie. The place is located in Liaoning Province in northeastern China -- too far to visit, really, but maybe they deliver.