Song of the Day: The Thrills

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: The Thrills Track: "Restaurants" Album: Teenager


The first two records by Irish band The Thrills have been wholly entertaining and well produced. And while critics during the early part of this century were attaching the influence of Pet Sounds to every indie-rock record with a vocal harmony, this band actually earned their connection to the The Beach Boys.

Like Brian Wilson and cohorts in their prime, the band picked a topic, became fascinated with its mythology and its physics, and then wrote a lush album themed around it. In the past, Thrills albums have tackled the expansive allure of the West coast and then American bohemia and dreams of making art.

On Teenager, the band undertakes a broad, nostalgic look at being a teenager - the relationships, jobs, heartache and unparalleled optimism of being young and restless. As on previous efforts, the band here excels at arrangements and songwriting (a rare skill set these days) and concentrates on "feels," Wilson's idea that a song could move via changing textures and tones, rather than a series of choruses and refrains.

"Restaurant" could soundtrack a Wes Anderson movie about the confusing, but ultimately enjoyable minutia of growing up in America. The rest of the album is equally awesome.