Lunch Break Links: October 25, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Hate on Pitchfork all you want, but I enjoy a lot of their regular columnists, such as Chris Dahlen, Mark Richardson and UK-based "Poptimist" Tom Ewing, who today writes about the unprecedented consensus in the UK music press and what it means going forward for Brit rockers.

A trailer for the new season of 24 will be live at 1 p.m.

Wes Flexner points out this video of an 80-year-old man from Springfield, Ohio, who claims he invented rapping way back in the 1940s. Bow down, indeed.

That Donewaiting link reminds me, I have been meaning to pass on this link Robert Duffy posted in his message board about sales figures for various indie albums. It's pretty enlightening.

Trent Reznor is going to find out whether the In Rainbows model will work for a lesser-known artist when he releases the new Saul Williams record Nov. 1.

DJ Rupture offered an artist's perspective of OiNK's demise., and the site's former moderators offer up a rose-colored FAQ about the fallout. (via Stereogum)

Max Fischer's iPod, hip-hop & movie news, another local music video and more after the jump...

The newest editions of "Metal That Sounds Like Other Metal" are up here.

Nah Right has a new Lil Wayne track. This video announces a new Cam'ron mixtape coming Nov. 7.

Also, Curtis is finally platinum. Aaaayyyyooo.

EW talked to Natalie Portman about a music mix she and her rock star friends put together to aid poverty relief efforts in developing countries. The mag also asks why Brokeback Mountain didn't bring Hollywood out of the closet.

Variety reports on several new movie projects: A sequel to The Da Vinci Code, a new Jamie Foxx project based on the book The Zebra Killings, and another teaming of Michael Mann and Robert Deniro.

Sufjan Stevens will debut some selections from his orchestral work about the Brooklyn Queens Expressway on a New York radio show Sunday night. A video preview is available.

Gorilla Vs. Bear spotlights "two bands from Montreal that don't particularly sound like the Arcade Fire or Wolf Parade, and apparently sing exclusively in French. Still, both are extremely promising, and worth looking into." Feu Therese and Pas Chic Chic

Consumerist reports that a popular consumer version of the Taser is "selling like electrified hotcakes."

Vanity Fair is not known for its listmaking, but the mag rounded up a tally of the top 50 greatest film soundtracks. The top 10 have been revealed ahead of time.

Fall Out Boy's singer will guest on Law & Order this February. At least it's not Pete Wentz.

Finally, how about another local music video? This charming, low-budget number is "The Lesser Stars" by the Proper Nouns: