Song of the Day: Foreign Born

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Artist: Foreign Born Track: "Into Your Dream" Album: On the Wing Now Listen

Recently, Chris DeVille has turned me onto AOL's fantastic music site, Spinner. He's actually linked to it extensively, but fearing anything AOL, I was reluctant to check it out.

Once I did, I've been reading their odd music features and great lists, while playing the free MP3s they offer daily and the streaming albums posted regularly. This site does what the Internet was supposed to do, before it was hijacked by porn distributors and members of Nigerian royalty who have yet to figure out how to open a bank account.

That would be, of course, introducing people to new ideas and information.

This track doesn't sound too far from Franz Ferdinand or Cleveland rock act Lovedrug, but the beat is more subtle, without all the feigned nervous energy that often can make the louder, faster stuff from those groups sound obnoxious.

Spinner also has some great features today:

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