Your all-in-one blog entry for Monday, October 29

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I'm out sick, but here's one link for you: Stylus is shutting down. I'm deeply saddened by this, but at least they've posted a roundup of some of the site's best writing over the years. My questions:

•Who is going to start something similar? Somebody's gotta do it, right? •What is Stylus creator and Columbus expat Todd Burns going to do now? •Is Intensities In Ten Suburbs going to keep publishing? Please say yes. •Is the Matthew Weiner who wrote for Stylus the same Matthew Weiner who created Mad Men?

As for What To Do Tonight, the Sundance Channel has a four-hour Tom Petty documentary starting at 7 p.m., and the best concert of the night is Sonic Chicken 4 and The Magnetix, all the way from France. Read more about it here.

Back to bed with me.