Good Idea Folder: No More Analysis

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For years, the Second Audio Program (SAP) button on TV remote controls has allowed viewers to enjoy useful alternative audio programming, such as Spanish broadcasts and services for the hearing-impaired.

Here's something that would make my weekends better: Use the SAP function to broadcast sports games with only atmospheric noise, instead of the constant chatter from talking heads and the special guests they bring into the booth throughout the game.

I was thinking about this a lot last night during Monday Night Football, when Brett Favre's wife, who make perfume or something, spent about 15 minutes telling Mike Tirico about how fun it is to be Brett Favre's wife and make perfume. (By the way, Brett, your beard is good.)

Instead of forcing us to listen to the nonsensical analysis and predictions during sporting events, why not allow us to opt into a secondary audio program of crowd noise, referee whistles and other ambient sounds? With a nice plasma TV and an HD broadcast, it'd be like sitting at the game.

I doubt it would cost too much additional expense (if any), and the commercials could chime in as usual.

I have good ideas. Unfortunately, I don't have a secretary like Pam Beasley to write them down and store them in a manila folder. Instead, I have the Good Idea Folder on this blog, where I will describe the useful information swirling around my head literally at all times. Read these ideas carefully. Then share them with powerful friends.