Good Idea Folder: Columbus Tube

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Columbus Alive

Thanks to th0m at Columbus Underground for sending this mock-up of a potential subway or light rail map that would make the city of Columbus about 6,000 percent more awesome.

The dreamy schematic below connects most of the Downtown neighborhoods to outlying suburbs in a fashion that would decrease our dependence on automobiles, reduce pollution, make Columbus a more competitive city for young professionals and be quite fun.

It seems like a great system, though not quite to scale. Here's the thread.

Like many of the ideas that appear in the Good Idea Folder, this one is a pipe dream. (Literally. We will never have a subway system in Columbus.) But this diagram could be the goal for the light-rail system that keeps coming up, inspiring debate and eventually getting shot down.

Perhaps why I like it most is that it makes Columbus look and feel like a major city, with interesting neighborhoods and a connectivity that is missing within the I-270 belt. It made me swell with pride. Plus, it's really colorful.

Props to someone coming out and proposing an idyllic situation, rather than a small incremental step just to get something done. Props to someone with a dream. Thanks th0m.

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