Lunch Break Links: February 4, 2008

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Could an Arrested Development movie be in the works?

Seems like they could draw up a screenplay for such a movie pretty soon; some people think the writers' strike might end this week. (What else is new?) But seriously, EW says a tentative deal has been reached. Meanwhile, one of the bigwig execs showed up at the Super Bowl and started telling people the strike was over. It's looking certain enough that some hit shows are making plans to return to production. (No word on Lost or 24, though.) Don't jinx this!

The rumor is Stone Temple Pilots will be reuniting for this May's Rock on the Range festival at Crew Stadium. I would totally go see that.

Pushing Daisies' Anna Friel will star with Will Ferrell in the upcoming film version of Land of the Lost.

And don't forget to stream the new Re-Up Gang mixtape right here. I know there are other Clipse fans out there in Internetland. Gorilla Vs. Bear has some individual MP3s, including the brothers rapping over classic Dre beats. UPDATE: Or just get it as one huge MP3.

As long as we're talking rap here, Cuuuuuurtis and the rest of G-Unit have a mixtape dropping today too.

And did I mention a new Capone-N-Noreaga song that samples System of a Down? I'm in.

OK, let's get back to appealing to my white, middle-aged fanbase (hi, Mom and Dad!) by reliving Tom Petty's solid, no-frills Super Bowl halftime show. (OK, so I guess the phallic arrow to the heart was a frill.) Opening number "American Girl" is below; the rest of the songs are viewable here. Oh, and which aging classic rocker with mass appeal should perform next year?

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Speaking of Ye Olde Super Bowl, last week Rolling Stone revisited the history of rock stars in Super Bowl commercials.

AV Club counts down the 20 geekiest pop culture obsessions.

The Spice Girls canceled their tour? Not exactly shocking.

It seems like every other week is Fashion Week.

Did Italy accidentally legalize P2P file sharing?

Status Ain't Hood is back to writing about rap, and thank God for that.

Wanna see some classic TV on the Internet? Beware of the Blog has you covered.

Glad to see Michael Wilbon survived his heart attack.

The latest Take Away Show from La Blogotheque is by Animal Collective.

I thought Gang of Four started working on their new material quite a while ago. What are you waiting for, fellas?

Finally, here is a new video from Caribou (appearing April 9 at the Wexner Center!). It's called "She's the One."