Lunch Break Links: February 5, 2008

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Columbus Alive

It's Super Tuesday, and a lot of today's pop culture news seems tied in with that there election. That said...

Diddy is at it again.

50 Cent is backing Hillary Clinton, saying he thinks America is not ready for a black president and Barack Obama would be killed if he were elected.

Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert appeared on each other's shows last night and threw down to decide once and for all who made Mike Huckabee.

Shades of Reagan and The Boss: John Mellencamp wants John McCain to stop using the Coug's songs on the campaign trail.

Slate talked to porn stars on their favorite positions. (Political positions, of course.)

And while we're at it, why not cover Willie Nelson's 9/11 conspiracy theories too?

This is sort of political: 24 producers revealed to TV Guide what Season 7 was originally going to be about before they scrapped it and started again. The Wall Street Journal has more on this topic.

Industry politics: Deadline Hollywood Daily has an update on the writers' strike.

Also, whenever the strike does end (and the WGA is reiterating that it's definitely not over yet), new episodes of shows won't start appearing for four to six weeks. Still no word on what will happen with Lost. All 16 episodes, please!

More links after the jump as always, homies.

With the TV season in limbo, New York Magazine had writers from shows such as The Simpsons and Ugly Betty write fake upcoming plots for shows like The Office and Gossip Girl. The best one is The Office's writers' take on Friday Night Lights: "ANNOUNCER: Let’s hope Riggins is all right, because there’s just something about him that is very attractive."

Speaking of Friday Night Lights: Not this again!

AV Club reveals the contents of producer/Death Cabbie Chris Walla's iPod.

Pimp C's death was ruled an accident.

Peter Bjorn and John are at work on their next album in Los Angeles. Of note: The group's Peter Moren brings his solo tour to the Wexner Center April 25.

And as long as we're talking Swedish indie all-stars...

...there's also new music from the incredible Love Is All.

Idolator rounds up some Grammy performance news, including word that Michael Jackson will be there to do... something.

Only one in three hit songs references drugs and alcohol?

The Rolling Stones are getting their own Across the Universe treatment.

Lastly, a new Missy Elliott video for not one but two songs: "Ching-A-Ling" and "Shake Your Pom Pom."