Rocco wants your fitness stories

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Our friend Rocco Castellano -- "Alive" columnist, fitness guru, trainer and author -- is working on a new book, and he's looking for input from "Alive" readers.

If you've got a story about overcoming the odds -- or a fitness quest that succeeded, or failed -- see below about e-mailing your tale to Rocco.

Every story counts

Everyone has a story of overcoming the odds. It may not be specific to fitness, but if it has changed the way that you are doing things right now or has inspired to change things, I want to here it.

Also, let me know if you have a story about purchasing a fitness product that didn't work, a gym membership that went bad, personal trainers that came on to you, insurance companies that screwed you out of a claim, spouses that left you because you got fit, the worst pick-up line you heard at the gym or falling for a fitness scam... Anything that you can think of is game.

It's extremely easy!

All you have to do is answer these three questions to the best of your ability:

1) What was the problem? (What was going on?)

2) What was the proposed solution? (How were you supposed to fix the problem?)

3) What were the results? (What actually happened?)

That's it! When you send me your story you will receive via e-mail my e-book Fat Kills and my askROCCO Fitness Challenge Success Kit as a thank-you gift. When the book is written you will get a copy to show all your friends and family.

Thank you very much, although you may not know it you are very valuable asset to me and my goal of changing the world... one pound at a time.

Sincerely, Rocco Castellano