Lunch Break Links: February 7, 2008

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Columbus Alive

It's Thursday, so you know the first place I'm surfing is Doc Jensen's Lost column. Besides teasing this week's episode, he chats with Jorge Garcia about last week's season premiere.

In other Lost news, Dominic Monaghan has a new film in the works.

Sick of T-Pain? Then you'll enjoy this list of 10 abuses of auto-tune in pop music.

So Will Arnett is no longer doing KITT's voice in the Knight Rider movie? And Val Kilmer is stepping in instead?

The writers' strike keeps inching toward a conclusion.

Here's an interesting tidbit about the inner workings of latenight TV.

Interview's cover story features Amy Adams.

Woody Allen, you old freak you.

EW talked to Quincy Jones about Thriller's 25th anniversary.

Meanwhile, the mag's readers suggest 30 TV shows they'd bring back from the dead.

The Feed says the new Terminator show is stuck in a Gilligan's Island-style bind, while The LA Times says this season of American Idol could be the "year of the Goth."

Would you drop $50 for the new line of Rihanna-brand umbrellas?

Check out this mashup of Biggie and David Lee Roth.

I didn't realize Shea Stadium was closing, but apparently Billy Joel is playing one last concert there.

Pitchfork talked to Hot Chip about their favorite things. And lastly, to keep up this week's Hot Chip overload (and you haven't even read the review yet...), here's their performance of "Ready For the Floor" from Letterman.