Lunch Break Links: February 8, 2008

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Columbus Alive

MTVs president is stepping down at the end of the month.

Martin Scorsese's next music documentary will take on Bob Marley.

More rehab for Scott Weiland. Hopefully this doesn't mess up STP's reunion show at Crew Stadium.

Are you ready for American Idol: The Ride?

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Hey, Wire fans: Intensities In Ten Suburbs agrees that Marlo Stanfield Must Die.

Speaking of high-quality TV, NPR interviewed Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad.

Lost was on last night. If you missed it, check out the sensational new band Previously On Lost. And have you heard about the Sawyer nickname generator?

And completing a good-TV quadfecta, could Friday Night Lights jump to a different network?

The My Bloody Valentine reunion might not feature the band's original drummer? Weak.

SXSW revealed its full bands list.

Lastly, Songerize is the latest quick, easy online music grabber, described as the "I'm feeling lucky" button to Seeqpod's more extensive search features.