More about bond issues on the ballot

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

During his annual State of the State address, Governor Ted Strickland wasn't shy discussing problems facing Ohio or bold proposals to reverse the downward economic spiral witnessed statewide during the past several years.

Strickland rolled out his plan, which included a $1.7-billion bond issue that seeks to improve infrastructure, invest in alternative energy and return or retain 88,000 jobs to Ohio. It was met with applause, though Republican lawmakers said they were surprised bond issues were on the table.

"This is a departure from what we were told nine months ago," House Speaker Jon Husted told The Dispatch this week. Husted said he is reluctant to approve bonded indebtedness for any purpose.

I wonder how many voters in the Columbus area -- Democrat, independent or Republican -- share his feelings. If things go how city and state leaders hope, voters in Columbus will be asked to approve bond issues totalling about $2.7 billion -- $1.7 billion sought by Strickland and $1 billion sought by Mayor Michael Coleman as part of his 2008 Voted Bicentennial Bond Package.

Will that spell disaster for both?

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