Dispatch: White with fear when snow falls

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Virtually no one likes the snow circus forecast for today.

But while most will complain loudly, then do battle with salt and shovels, those with snow phobia will be avoiding the white stuff at all costs.

Dennis Marikis, a Mansfield psychologist who has several patients with the problem, said the phobia can be debilitating.

Chionophobia, the official term for it, is an abnormal fear of snow. Symptoms include heavy breathing, tenseness, sweating, shortness of breath, nausea and an irregular heartbeat.

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But I will say that snow is a beautiful thing. Some of my fondest memories happened while half-buried in powder -- or fully burying my kid sister in it.

Playing hockey in my backyard pond, skiing around Lake Tahoe, hiking the back country at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado, my first snowboard descent at Alpine Valley -- these things were not possible without frozen water falling gently from the sky.

Snow, I love you. I'll say that I loved the forecast for today. This snowfall might mean that the sled-dog race scheduled this weekend at Punderson State Park. For more on that, click here.