Lunch Break Links: February 12, 2008

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Columbus Alive

First off, it's hip-hop news day here at Sensory Overload:

Kanye's new video sounds effed up.

The Game is going to the slammer.

Common dropped a video blog on his fans.

•New Q-Tip song with a J Dilla beat? Yes.

And why not a quick dose of I Love the '90s too?:

Pitchfork's tribute to Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea continues today.

•Even though Scott Weiland is in rehab, that STP reunion is still a go. In fact, here is the full lineup.

•Ever wonder what happened to Kurt Cobain's kid? Frances Bean is alive and well, thanks.

Many more links after the jump...

Post-strike coverage? You know it:

Slate ponders who actually won this thing. So does The New York Times.

TV Guide continues to report on what various shows will be doing about the rest of their seasons.

•Speaking of which, Carlton Cuse tells Ain't It Cool News that Lost will produce five more episodes this year with eight episodes' worth of story in them. Better than nothing! Next question: How does that affect the planned 48-episode run for the last three seasons? Will next year be 19 episodes long? Will we simply get three less Lost episodes?

•Don't expect anything new for a while from 24 or Heroes, nor Pushing Daisies.

And now for today's etcetera section:

Craig Ferguson thinks Jon Stewart should be David Letterman's successor.

Get inside the mind of a music pirate.

Here's how CBS is cleaning up Dexter for network primetime.

Wire fans: Daniels could have played Bubbles? Weird.

[Funny Dolly Parton story involving large breasts causing back problems.]

Thanks to Pop Candy for this awesome beard cap!

Lastly, you may have heard about Will.I.Am's tribute to Barack Obama...

Now enjoy this spoofed "tribute" to likely Republican nominee John McCain: