Lunch Break Links: February 13, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Meanwhile, A-list actors are pressuring their own guild to get contract negotiations started early to avoid another Hollywood work stoppage.

AV Club has some interviews with a couple cult favorites, George Romero and the immortal Dolph Lundgren. Unfortunately, they failed to mention Dolph's best role.

Stereogum has a cool remix of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" by the Beastie Boys' Adrock.

Could this new Michigan music festival take Bonnaroo's place as the nation's No. 1 hippie haven?

Spinner is streaming new releases from British Sea Power, Mountain Goats, the Raveonettes and more.

I am totally on board with the Kanye vs. Vince Gill feud.

Here's a new Radiohead video for "Videotape." (By the way, they're approved Amplive's In Rainbows remixes and confirmed their Cleveland date will be some time in August, not on the North American tour's spring leg. Still no specifics, though.)

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Wait, you mean Amy Winehouse actually performs music sometimes?

Deaf Indie Elephants has a really good roundup of Neutral Milk Hotel tributes.

Intensities In Ten Suburbs tackles the unanswerable question: "So, what kind of music do you like?"

Back to Lost for a moment. Watch With Kristin has features informative and fanciful about our favorite castaways.

How 'bout Gary Coleman's secret marriage?

Interested in seeing the Boondocks episodes Comedy Central refuses to air?

That Scarlett Johansson album of Tom Waits covers now features David Bowie and has a tracklist. Can this thing just come out already so I can stop reading about it?

More bad news for Lily Allen.

24 creator Joel Surnow has left the series.

Hate to hear about rock concert tragedies like this.

Lastly, think David Simon could be coaxed into one more season of The Wire to tackle Baltimore's latest pressing issue?