Lunch Break Links: February 14, 2008

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Columbus Alive

It's Valentine's Day, but more importantly it's Thursday, which means it's Lost day and Doc Jensen column day.

Speaking of my favorite television obsession, it may get bumped back to 10 p.m. and air after Thursdays when it airs its post-strike episodes this spring.

Also, what does it mean that even Damon Lindelof has forgotten about Dharma? And here's another Hurley interview.

As long as we're hanging out in J.J. Abrams/geek territory, might as well mention the Star Trek reboot has been bumped back to May 2009.

The first post-strike SNL will air February 23 and will be hosted by the spectacular Tina Fey. Many of NBC's other shows, including The Office and Fey's 30 Rock, will return in April.

Courtesy of The Daily Swarm, check out 31 Hip-Hop Love Songs and Houston Press' 10 Great Hip-Hop Breakup Songs (Because Valentine's Day Is For Suckas).

And here's a hip-hop breakup video of sorts. It's that new Kanye West video for Flashing Lights that I mentioned earlier this week, and it's a little racy, so depending on your workplace, it might be NSFW.

More links and the latest from an alt-rock vet after the jump.

Stereogum has a new video from The New Pornographers.

Pop Candy points us to, an instant compliment generator.

Interesting addition to the Bonnaroo lineup: Chris Rock.

A new season of Weeds is coming in June. And star Mary-Louise Parker might be engaged to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays her dead husband on the show. (You may know him as another dead lover, Denny from Grey's Anatomy.)

Ice Road Truckers: The Movie could be kind of awesome.

emusic has a new Pitchfork-endorsed MP3 collection from experimental duo High Places and some free music from the group.

Lastly, here's R.E.M.'s new video for "Supernatural Superserious," the first single from the upcoming Acceleration.