Lunch Break Links: February 15, 2008

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Ever wonder what happens when hipster music critics go to see the Hannah Montana concert movie? Status Ain't Hood and Puritan Blister found out.

TV Guide asked actors how they kept busy during the writers' strike. The creator of My Name Is Earl certainly tried something interesting: Working in fast food.

Radiohead fans: Thom Yorke did another DJ set yesterday, this time for NPR. Also, Best Week Ever's suggested greatest hits album covers are tops.

It remains tough for Republicans to get approval from rockers to use their songs on the campaign trail.

In related news, John McCain's daughter is a music blogger.

USA Today writes on R&B producers breaking out into stardom of their own.

Apparently I'm back to linking about Kanye every day. Absolut is sponsoring his tour. Meanwhile, Marilyn Manson has his own brand of absinthe.

Here's an interview with Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell.

AV Club offers a primer on Britpop greats The Kinks.

Speaking of which, some Britpop weddings and divorces are afoot.

Does Aerosmith really deserve its own Guitar Hero game?

In honor of Jumper, EW has a gallery of 25 Samuel L. Jackson roles, while MTV discovers that when it comes to Samuel L., the hair makes the man. By the way, how have I never seen this scene before now?

Lastly, here's the new video from Justice's "Phantom Pt. II."