Pie in the Sky

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It sounds like the sweaty Freudian dream of an unrepentant food addict, or maybe the opening scene of an American-flavored Willy Wonka-style fantasy: Pizza and ice cream for as far as the eye can see, and every bite of it available to eat.

Every year this dream becomes a reality on the trade-show floor of the Columbus Convention Center. Unfortunately for you (or at least most of you), you’re not invited, however. The North America Pizza & Ice Cream Show is open only to working professionals (i.e., pizzeria owners), not the general public.

Last year I attended the show with Alive’s Chris DeVille (we shot an Alive TV video), and I could hardly believe my eyes. It really is as awesome as you imagine. Chris got a lot of mileage out of sampling the food at many of the 200-plus booths; I was trapped behind the video camera, though I got my tongue around a few slices.

At this year’s show, February 17-18, I plan to put my knowledge as Central Ohio’s No. 1 Pizza Expert to more productive use. Chris is returning as well, so check Alive TV next week for a full report.