Lunch Break Links: February 21, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Who would win at this weekend's Oscars if the public had their say?

And perhaps more importantly, could a $5-a-month subscription save the music industry?

At Slate, the creator of My So-Called Life explains how he launched the online series quarterlife.

Heard about Ben Stein and Bill Maher's warring religious documentaries?

The All Points West festival (aka Coachella East) will feature two nights of Radiohead among its three-day lineup.

The Warped Tour lineup is out too.

Eek. Another Mexican singer-songwriter was murdered.

In the name of spectacle, here are Rihanna and Klaxons collaborating on a rendition of "Umbrella."

Let's do some math:

Rod Stewart + Black Keys = Weird.

AV Club + Amy Ryan = Awesome.

Sean Lennon + vampires = Reasonable enough, I suppose.

Law & Order - Jesse L. Martin + dude from K-Ville = Big question mark.

Intensities eulogized Friday Night Lights, though I pray he has spoken too soon.

In related news, Riggins (that's Taylor Kitsch in the real world) will appear in an X-Men spinoff about Wolverine, though presumably Hugh Jackman will still be playing the title character.

Jon Stewart says the writers' strike was actually good for The Daily Show.

Old school hip-hop fans can hear the new Pete Rock album in its entirety at MySpace.

Finally, is Lily Allen and Friends really that bad? Yes. Here's a mere morsel: