Song of the Day: Pennywise

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For me Pennywise, one of the most consistent SoCal punk bands, recalls many glorious days spent skateboarding the streets of Cleveland with dear friends from high school. I can remember more than a few sessions preceded by me, Jon Harting, Chris Mantz and others piling into my Corolla, blasting the band's impeccable About Time and hitting a favorite local spot. During a two-year span, this was how I passed my free time.

Even those who don't have a strong emotional connection to the band's ferocious, highly important skate-punk will enjoy the latest track from their upcoming album -- a catchy song that features Jim Lindberg's unmistakable voice and the usual message of hope amid despair. Plus, you won't need to drop a red cent to check it out. On March 25, Reason to Believe will be released for free by MySpace Records.