Lunch Break Links: February 26, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Stereogum is streaming the new LCD Soundsystem song, "Big Ideas," from the blackjack movie 21.

Meanwhile, Deaf Indie Elephants has a "new" Velvet Underground song from 1967.

Local rock heroes Two Cow Garage did a European tour diary for Columbus-based music blog

Pop Candy's new podcast features Paul Scheer and Aziz Ansari from Human Giant. Their second season premiere is available free and uncensored at iTunes. This trailer indicates that Omar from The Wire is gonna be on this season, which is nothing short of awesome.

Larry Norman, "The Father of Christian Rock," died this weekend. Idolator has an obituary.

Slate reports that Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica and explains how the site really works. (It's not as democratic as you think.)

AV Club interviewed Summer Glau, the good terminator from The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Status Ain't Hood examines the new mechanics of rap stardom.

And speaking of rap stars, is that Kanyeezy guesting on this new video from British R&B lass Estelle? Yes, yes it is. It's called "American Boy."

More links (some of which also include rap stars) after the jump...

I try not to mention Perez Hilton on here, but the fact that Warner is letting him be an A&R guy and run his own music imprint is so awful as to merit linkage.

In other label news, rumors suggest Jay-Z's new Carter Music Group could release an album of duets by Jay and Nas.

HBO struck a deal with YouTube to make clips from its shows available legally on the streaming video site. Check out their channel here.

Yet another music festival—Sasquatch!—revealed its lineup.

Radiohead, Jack Johnson and Tom Petty have been confirmed as headliners for a new San Francisco festival in August.

Has SXSW jumped the shark? The Daily Swarm thinks so, thanks to a dress code and $300 bottle service at the No Depression party and lots of ad-supported corporate tie-ins.

The Office will be shooting new episodes two weeks from now. Hurrah!

Meanwhile, writers from shows such as Lost and Ugly Betty told EW about their first week back to work.

The Oscars got their worst ratings ever.

SNL ended up having Fred Armisen portray Barack Obama, and The Watcher is none too happy.

Don't read this The Wire interview if you aren't caught up with the first eight episodes of the current season.

Heard about this Maxim/Black Crowes scandal?

Now you can dress up Devendra Banhart however you please!

Clipse + Joss Stone = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't do it, boys!

Lastly, the new Boris video for "Statement."