Song of the Day: Slavic Soul Party

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Slavic Soul Party! is a group of Brooklyn musicians interpreting/bringing to the masses the eclectic and often vintage sounds of the Balkans. That's an interesting idea in itself. What's even cooler is this album of electronic remixes of SSP!'s swirling, whirling world music. "Sisko's Blues," for example, takes on a vibrant staccato beat with fuzzy, distorted layers -- and it sounds like Justice spending a decade in the Gulag Archipelago.

From the homepage of Barbes Records, which released the original SSP! material and the remix album:

"Remixed includes tracks by Bulgarian DJ and EthnoMesh pioneer Joro-Boro, Seattle musicians Casey Foubert and James McAlister of Sufjan Stevens’ band, Bellyhouse guru DJ Alex Alot, composer and multi-instrumentalist Curtis Hasselbring, Brooklyn drummer EJ Fry, Grammy Award-winning engineer Marc Urselli and even Slavic Soul Party! re-imagining itself."

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