Lunch Break Links: February 28, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Black Crowes to Maxim: "It's too late to 'pologize!" Also, they pulled the same crap on Nas.

Simon Cowell is creating a British version of American Gladiators. I always thought that show was a uniquely American phenomenon, but what do I know?

Yahoo has the trailer for Step Brothers, the new Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly flick.

Boy George seriously creeps me out.

The soundtrack to Heroes includes, of course, "Heroes."

It's Lost day, and that means Doc Jensen plus a USA Today story about Desmond.

Don't expect to see The Wire's finale On Demand a week early like the series' other episodes. HBO is premiering the finale March 9 in its normal time slot, 9 p.m. Sunday night.

The Flaming Lips' long-awaited movie Christmas on Mars won't meet their self-imposed March deadline. Instead, the film is now slated for May release.

Slate gets in on the whole Neutral Milk Hotel anniversary thing by calling Jeff Mangum the J.D. Salinger of indie rock.

Hendrix collaborator Buddy Miles passed away this week.

Mariah Carey's new video for "Touch My Body" features everyone's favorite page, Kenneth!