Leap Day To-Do List

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Suddenly I feel like I've got an extra 24 hours on my hands...

1. Set clocks ahead one hour

2. Ignore landlord's request for 0.27-percent increase this month, enjoy free day of rent

3. Make up for last four years of sleep deprivation

4. Make sure TiVo didn't skip "Flavor of Love 3," just in case this is the night Flav finds Ms. Right

5. Convince boss that working "extra" day counts as eight hours of overtime

6. Send birthday card to former college roommate, who's turning seven

7. Return overdue library books, blame confusion on damn Gregorian calendar

8. Fly west at 1,038 miles per hour -- indefinitely

9. Double-check calendar. Hmmm ... yeah, that's right

10. Get ready for March