Nature Notes: Scioto Mile, birds and more!

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Scioto Mile project has new website I've talked to Mayor Michael Coleman several times during the past two years, and one of the projects he brings up regularly is the Scioto Mile, an extensive park system to be constructed along the east bank of the Scioto River south of Downtown. RiverSouth, the district that includes this land, has been a focus of his revitalization efforts for years, and this new website give me hope that plans for the new park are moving along. [Scioto Mile homepage]

Says the site:

"By our Bicentennial in 2012, the Scioto Mile will be a jewel in downtown and will become a symbol of our City. When complete, the Scioto Mile will stretch from the Arena District to Whittier Peninsula and feature parks, boulevards, water features, plazas and bikeway and pedestrian paths, creating a green corridor that reconnects the downtown to the river.

The Scioto Mile is key to the revitalization of Downtown Columbus – attracting and complementing residential development, boosting property values and stimulating commercial growth."

Here are a few more renderings of the proposed park:

[Dispatch story] [RiverSouth development] [My thoughts on RiverSouth]

(Photos from

Another birding success! A bit of sunshine Saturday afternoon had numerous birds chirping for joy and me wandering the streets of the Brewery District with binoculars and digital camera. Thank God no one saw me; I realized later that I could've looked like a Peeping Tom, since I was in a pretty residential neighborhood.

I saw two new species: European starlings and house finches. Both were amazing. See photos after the jump.