That's Numberwang!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

My latest guilty pleasure is a silly import that’s put the classy British accents back in sketch comedy.

But Mitchell and Webb remind me more of a more recent American duo, “Mr. Show’s” Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, for all the post-ironic winking that underscores the proceedings. It’s like the entire sketch-comedy show is a send-up of a sketch-comedy show.

One of my favorite recurring “Mitchell & Webb” bits is “Numberwang,” a parody of the painfully-simple-yet-pointlessly-opaque game shows that plague the airwaves (“1 vs. 100,” “Deal or No Deal,” “Amnesia,” “Identity” … shall I go on?). Contestants spew out a series of numbers for no apparent reason, and the host rewards them by shouting, “That’s Numberwang!”

Another highlight: A send-up of banal home-and-garden reality programming, like “This is a Show About a Man Who Buys a House and Then Moves Into That House,” or “This is a Show About a Woman Who Cooks Some Food and Then Eats That Food.”

Yeah, I think I’ve seen that show.

“That Mitchell & Webb Look” 9:20 p.m. Fridays, BBC America Grade: B+