Lunch Break Links: March 3

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Columbus Alive

Seriously? A Family Guy spinoff about Cleveland?

Could Van Halen's tour (including an April 1 stop in Columbus) be canceled?

Nine Inch Nails released a new, four-volume instrumental album online. Hear it and purchase it in various formats and prices here.

Watch With Kristin has clips from this week's Juliet-centric episode of Lost.

EW profiles nine up-and-coming female singer-songwriters, and considering I have only heard of one of them, I'll call it a highly informative countdown.

Disgraced former boy band mogul Lou Pearlman is auctioning off a bunch of stuff at eBay, including an actual MTV Moonman. Idolator comments.

Winona Ryder loves them rock stars.

The weekend's SNL host, Ellen Page, won't be starring in director Sam Raimi's return to horror anymore. For shame.

Speaking of SNL, having Wilco on there the week after Carrie Underwood was kind of surreal. I wish they could have played during the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot era—"I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" or "Poor Places" would have been insane!—but the new songs sounded good even if I connect with them on a much shallower level. It was probably a smart move to play two of Sky Blue Sky's most conventional rockers to win over the biggest portion of viewers, and damn if "Walken" didn't sound great:

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Gorilla Vs. Bear mentioned a "rare psych" comp called Obsession that sounds rather intriguing.

It seems weird here in 2008 to list the top 100 albums between 1985-2005, but that's what Spin is doing. You can see 51-100 online.

AV Club compares There Will Be Blood to its source material, Upton Sinclair's Oil!

I try not to get too journalism-insider on here, but I feel like Kelefa Sanneh leaving The New York Times for The New Yorker is a big deal.

Pitchfork has an interview with the great No Age, who by my rough estimate seem to be playing more showcases and parties than anybody else at SXSW in Austin next week. (Next week! Holy crap. I'm psyched.) So who's gonna bring them to Columbus, huh?

The Black Keys are streaming the first single from their upcoming album.

The Moldy Peaches vs. Barbara Walters? I love it!

Accidentally singing in public? It's all about intentionally singing in public, people!

Stereogum has a new MP3 from Tokyo Police Club.

Judd Apatow is making even more movies.

Look out for a lot more The Wire links as we approach the series finale this week. For one, Slate continues its season-long discussion of the show in light of last night's incredible pentultimate episode.

The Wire is pretty depressing, and so are the results of this survey about what high school kids don't know.

Lastly, to get everybody's heads back up, here's video of The Hold Steady playing the title track from their upcoming album Stay Positive.