Lunch Break Links: March 4, 2008

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Columbus Alive

In case you haven't heard, it's primary day, so get out and vote. (And if you aren't registered, be sure to get that done in time to vote in the general election this fall.)

On to seriously important stuff... did you know Mischa Barton (pictured) recently turned down a role on Gossip Girl? Swallow your pride, girl!

TV Guide has a somewhat spoilery interview with the Lost producers.

Steve-O from Jackass was arrested the other night.

AV Club discusses the phenomenon of "sucky band shorthand."

Uh, Britney Spears and Heidi from The Hills have collaborated on a duet.

A Seinfeld-themed mixtape? I love it.

ESPN is partnering with directors such as Spike Lee and Richard Linklater on some ambitious documentary projects.

Looks like Robert Plant's desire to tour with Alison Krauss has put the kibosh on a Zeppelin tour.

Here's video of Arcade Fire's show at Nelsonville's Stuart's Opera House.

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Which TV characters would you date? (Seriously? Jack Shepherd?)

Looks like Facebook's music store has partnered with iTunes.

Why is it that my two least favorite TV networks are vying for the No. 1 network crown?

And why would we want the NME Awards in America?

Did you guys see this Swiss car that can drive on and under water? The future is now!

As the final episode of The Wire approaches, here's an interview with co-creator Ed Burns.

Playing with Legos at my desk sounds awesome.

Annie Clark mesmerized me a few weeks back. Pitchfork interviewed the St. Vincent mastermind.

Want MP3s of Wilco on SNL?

Or what about a new song from Scandinavian pop princess Annie?

Or perhaps some Re-Up Gang for your rainy Tuesday?

Juvenile's daughter and some other relatives were found dead. RIP!