Lunch Break Links: March 5, 2008

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Columbus Alive

In more substantial and almost-as-exciting music news: If you've ever heard the masterful Neon Golden, you will undoubtedly be psyched that German electro-pop group The Notwist has announced its first album in six years. Here's a new MP3 from the record.

Not as exciting, but just as nostalgic: Presidents of the United States of America are releasing a new album too. I always thought they had one of the best band names ever.

Slate asks "Why do Italian men grab their crotches?"

EW has a preview of Ben Stiller's new race-bating comedy about the making of a Vietnam drama.

AV Club put Human Giant's iPods on shuffle and elicited the trio's commentary.

A Tokyo club DJ killed a rowdy American tourist with his bare hands. (!)

Gnarls Barkley's new album leaked. Might as well watch their new video too.

Paste: "New documentary reveals biker plot to kill Mick Jagger."

Bjork has been taking a stance on Tibet and Kosovo, and she dedicated a live performance of "Declare Independence" to those places. Check it below:

More after the jump as per usual...

TV Guide posted an excerpt from its Lost cover story. Don't read it if you aren't up to date on this season.

Status Ain't Hood has an interview with Bun B, whose former UGK partner-in-crime Pimp C died late last year.

Watch With Kristin has a calendar of post-strike return dates for TV shows. She also went behind the scenes at 30 Rock.

Billboard has an interview with Snoop Dogg.

Rihanna has banned umbrellas from her concerts.

Keep checking this site if you want to nab a three-day Lollapalooza pass for $60.

The latest web feud pits music bloggers vs. Rachael Ray.

How about some The Wire links, courtesy of TV Tattle? TV Guide talked to Tristan Wilds (Michael), David Simon revealed the pluses and minuses of the shortened season, and Philadelphia's mayor arranged a special showing of the series finale at City Hall.

The creator of Dungeons and Dragons is dead.

Lastly, this video from Portugese act Buraka Som Sistema features it-girl M.I.A. It's called "Sound of Kuduro."