Vote Yourself: Youth Vote Turnout numbers

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Clinton won both of those primaries, as well as one in Rhode Island. Her opponent Barack Obama won easily in Vermont, maintaining a slim delegate lead overall.

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A stellar turnout among young voters was expected in these primaries, and more voters in the 19-29 demographic showed up to cast ballots in Ohio and Texas, according to a release from the Student Public Interest Research Groups. Student PIRGs has registered more than 600,000 young voters since 2004.

“In an unpredictable primary season, the one constant has remained the rising youth vote,” said Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project Program Director Sujatha Jahagirdar

Still, the turnout rate is absolutely dismal. Here are the stats they sent regarding the two main primaries held on Tuesday:

Ohio 2000 Voters aged 19-29: 259,960 Young-voter turnout: 15 percent

2008 Voters aged 19-29: 479,418 Young-voter turnout: 25 percent

Texas 2000 Voters aged 19-29: 172,228 Young-voter turnout: 6 percent

2008 Voters aged 19-29: 620,384 Young-voter turnout: 17 percent

Source: Circle