Lunch Break Links: March 10, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Well, The Wire is over. I was late to the party on that one, so I'm especially sad to see it go. Slate continues its dialogue about the show; meanwhile, Alan Sepinwall and AV Club have interviews with creator David Simon as TV's best show signs off. (Warning: These interviews contain mad spoilers.)

AV Club also counts down 12 suprisingly controversial Wikipedia pages.

This Lil Wayne condom ad is a little bit WTF.

Want to pry into celebrities' personal lives? Matt Damon and his wife are having a baby, and Heath Ledger's will was revealed.

Did you know Kids in the Hall are performing live in Columbus next month? Or that rap group Kidz in the Hall have a new single?

Vampire Weekend played SNL. Video:

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Are music critics really that much different than everybody else?

And is "selling out" really the only way to cash in?

Nelson Mandela is throwing himself a 90th birthday party in London with Will Smith and maybe Eminem.

Project Runway fans will enjoy this interview with Tim Gunn.

R.E.M. will debut its new album on Facebook's iLike application.

Hey, new music from The National!

Rumors of a Radiohead-NIN Lollapalooza persist.

Who's up for a couple in-depth Lost theories? Bam and bam.

Finally, The Office's Jenna Fischer is in the new Playboy! But it's just an interview.