Nature Notes: Winter Wonderland

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hey, it snowed last weekend! That's not news to anyone living in Columbus, the bull's eye of what's known as a "Texas Low," a low-pressure system that combines moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to some from the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes once it heads up north. We bore the brunt of 20.4 inches of snow.

Which meant that you could actually play in it -- a rarity in a winter season that brought much snow and then warm spells or rain that immediately melted it. And play we did on Saturday. Venture Club met at Schiller Park in German Village to build snow forts and huck snowy projectiles at each other like we were eight years old.

Friends of mine also had fun with their newborn children and fuzzy dogs. See tons of pics after the jump.

Venture Club, my outdoor adventure group, took over Schiller Park in German Village, building two forts -- Fort Walker and Fort Schiller. For more pics, click here.

Alive staff photographer took these photos of his dog (named Dogzilla) and his beautiful baby (named Evelyn) at his house in Schumaker Place.

Alive production manager Rebecca Zimmer took this adorable shot of her poddle Flora.