Lunch Break Links: Monday, March 17

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EW has the scoop on the new episodes of The Office, straight from Steve Carell. They also went behind the scenes for a week of production at SNL.

Meanwhile, TV Guide has news on the next season of Pushing Daisies.

This week Spinner is streaming new albums from The B-52s, Destroyer, F*** Buttons and more. Paper Thin Walls also has an interview and "listening party" with those profane Buttons.

Huge news for Mr. Show fans: David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are working on a sitcom pilot for HBO.

Music magazine Harp is closing up shop.

The New York Times wonders whether Starbucks screwed up by expanding its in-store music selection so quickly. Idolator, as usual, has its own take.

Click here to see Spoon's new video for "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb."

And watch below for a new Modest Mouse video for "Fly Trapped In a Jar."

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Scott Weiland: Still not dead.

Neither is Amy Winehouse, but even Keith Richards thinks she needs to quit drugs.

Radiohead is judging an In Rainbows animated video contest. Also, Trent Reznor had a problem with their approach to the name-your-price sales model.

The guys behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are creating a new single-camera comedy for Fox.

Want to legally watch The Big Lebowski for free online? Done. You can thank Hulu for that.

Have a grimace at these Kurt Cobain signature edition Converse shoes. Punk rock means freedom, people!

A couple "political" links for you: Status Ain't Hood reviewed music by Eliot Spitzer's hooker, while DMX wonders "What the f*** is a Barack?"

Don't read this Lost story unless you're all caught up.

Wow, Ed McMahon broke his neck a year ago?