Lunch Break Links: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Motley Crue has been promising a "colossal announcement." It may be a new competitor for the flailing Ozzfest, known simply enough as Cruefest.

The New Republic has a piece on "Why white people like 'Stuff White People Like.'"

What's all this about "All you can eat iTunes"? Sign me up!

Add sci-fi kingpin Arthur C. Clarke to the list of recent deaths.

AV Club has an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Gnarls Barkley pushed up their album release to right this second.

Aren't you at least a little bit curious to know what Entertainment Weekly would name the top 25 indie rock albums?

The lineup for New York's Tribeca Film Festival is out.

I've been hearing a lot about this new Portishead album, but the new video for "Machine Gun" is my first exposure to the record. Check it out:

Here's another dead magazine: Bluegrass Now.

Heard about this new 90210 spinoff from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas?

These Amy Winehouse photos make me sick to my stomach. The girl is gonna die.

Radiohead is playing two London shows on April 1. Could they have a trick up their sleeves?

Finally, enjoy this new video from The Chromatics, called "Killing Spree."