Song of the Day: Snoop Dogg

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

During the past decade, Snoop Dogg has kept busy starring on reality TV shows, promoting peers like Tha Eastsidaz and releasing an occasional fantastic single like it's hot. So it's understandable that my expectations weren't sky high for his ninth full-length project. That said, Ego Trippin -- produced largely by Scoop DeVille, Teddy Riley and a few other big names -- is wholly enjoyable, though nothing as groundbreaking as Doggystyle.

In part because it recycles so many techniques heard recently, the album sounds familiar, but in good way that will let you pop it in on a long drive and slide right in. Snoop doesn't stray from his trademark style (there's another vintage Chevy on the cover), but he seems more dedicated than he has in years. Anyone who has followed the Doggfather this far shouldn't be disappointed.