Lunch Break Links: Thursday, March 20, 2008

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Columbus Alive

I don't really long for a Tina Fey-Jon Stewart feud.

Music fans looking for a slightly off-beat summer music festival might want to check out Terrastock in Kentucky.

Music fans who don't want to be offbeat in the slightest should read about the upcoming Coldplay album.

Facebook is about to eclipse MySpace in worldwide traffic.

Jay-Z is somewhat confused about how much money record labels have to throw around these days.

Wanna hear a track from Les Savy Fav's upcoming live album?

If Belle and Sebastian was seriously being considered for Motley Crue's touring festival, it would be the most absurdly wonderful music story of the year.

Here's a video from Rivers Cuomo's solo album. The song is called "Lover in the Snow."

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This is sort of like those failed music pros going on American Idol.

Word on the street is Friday Night Lights has been saved for a third season.

Paste has been nominated for a high-profile magazine award, while Rolling Stone was shut out of all major categories. has a big Bob Mould interview.

Slate writes on "the simplest video game ever. Also, one of the best." It involves Crayons.

Finally, Japanese metalheads Boris have a new video called "My Neighbor Satan." Family fun!