Venture: Alleycat race takes over Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I got the chance to cover the city's most recent alleycat bike race last weekend at Junctionview Studios in Grandview. Alleycat races are generally non-sanctioned, underground competitions organized by local bikers and formatted like a messenger's Downtown itinerary.

Lucky Stride, held Saturday at 3 p.m., was put on by locals Adam Maynard and Tim Murray. Here's how it worked:

1. Bikers lay down there bikes, and stand about 50 yards away. In their spokes, organizers put a race manifest -- a list of locations that racers must visit before returning to the finish.

2. Bikers race to their bikes, glance at the map, plan a route and get going. Locations can be visited in any order, and racers must return to Junctionview by 5 p.m. Their trip took them through Grandview, Downtown, Campus and Franklinton.

Thirty-nine people, bike messengers and others, entered the race, and nearly all of them finished. It's a cool trend, and there's a full recap in the Venture column in today's Alive. Check it out!

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