Nature Notes: Chestnut tree in Ohio!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

"For about seven years, the state's natural resources leaders have harbored a secret.

They still won't reveal the exact location of it or allow outsiders to see it.

This Ohio treasure's existence was closely guarded until last week when the director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources revealed that a full-sized American Chestnut tree still stands in a marsh near Lake Erie.

For tree experts, it's a big deal.

American chestnuts that grew up to 120 feet once accounted for about 25 percent of the forests in the eastern half of North America until a fungus wiped out all but a few.

'They are often referred to as the redwood of the east because of their tremendous size,' Gary Obermiller, a regional manager for the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves."

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(Image courtesy of The American Chestnut Foundation)