Lunch Break Links: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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You can now watch every episode of South Park legally at

Sorry to wait til Wednesday to mention, but Spinner's selection of streaming music this week includes new releases from Gnarls Barkley, Crystal Castles, the B-52s and more.

Meanwhile, Rhapsody is streaming The Black Keys' new Danger Mouse-produced Attack and Release, and Moby's new one is streaming at MuchMusic.

This is wholly bizarre: Mexico has been hit with a wave of anti-emo mob violence.

Oliver Stone has cast the role of Laura Bush in W, his George W. Bush biopic.

In other political/entertainment crossover news, Brad Pitt is related to Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie is related to Hillary Clinton.

The Watcher has a list of return post-strike dates for scripted TV shows.

In related news, The Office will be hiding Angela Kinsey's pregnancy when the show returns.

Also related: Will Edie Falco guest again on 30 Rock? And will they get away with saying "MILF" a bunch of times? And is Liz Lemon having a baby?

Independent campus record stores are closing left and right. Word on the street is Westerville's Sour Records is closing too; you might not think of it as a campus record store, but Otterbein is right there. Sad to see the place where I went from buying Limp Bizkit to Yo La Tengo discs go down the drain.

Speaking of those days, for some reason, the new Death Cab album cover reminds me of six or seven years ago when I was getting into indie rock. Couldn't tell you why.

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Here's some early reaction to the John Lennon assassination movie starring fat Jared Leto.

Stereogum finished its run of SXSW videos with clips of Evangelicals, High Places and Yeasayer.

EW counts down 13 great movie opening credits sequences.

I'm not comfortable with real news outlets getting into the fake news game.

Axl Rose wants to buy every American (except Slash and Buckethead) a Dr. Pepper if Chinese Democracy comes out this year.

Pop Candy points out that Daytrotter's selection of unique music sessions from big indie bands is getting better all the time.

Want to help Rivers Cuomo write a song?

Lastly, Fleetwood Mac is making a comeback... and maybe with Sheryl Crow in the band? Weird.