Lunch Break Links: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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Columbus Alive

The big local music news is The Feelers, probably the most respected working punk band in town (and for good reason), have decided to hang it up. Fans are reacting to the breakup at the band's MySpace page and here.

Wired needs your vote for "Reznor vs. Radiohead: Innovation Smackdown."

Hey, wanna hear new songs from Lil Wayne and The Game?

Here's another Billy Corgan interview, since he seems to be shooting his mouth off a lot this week.

T.I. is almost certainly going to prison.

The Daily Swarm has an update on the bizarre tale of Mexico's emo war. Apparently the phenomenon has spread to Chile as well.

Want to see senior citizens reenact scenes from The Hills?

Slate wonders if Hulu is the future of television.

Desmond Hume won The Washington Post's "Lost Madness" tournament. I love you Penneh!

Check out this sweet "awareness test" on behalf of cyclists everywhere:

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Justin Timberlake will host this year's ESPYs.

Did you know Michael Ian Black co-wrote the screenplay for Run Fatboy Run? Here's an interview with the comedian.

TV Guide has reprised last year's "sexiest stars" list and wants your vote for this year's list.

Could Oprah and Britney make appearances on guest-happy 30 Rock?

If you have any interest in watching megastars perform on the Today show, here is the schedule.

The Warped Tour lineup has expanded.

Actor Richard Widmark has died at age 93.

Lastly, wondering what the B-52s look and sound like in 2008? Check out the new "Funplex" video to find out...