Lunch Break Links: Friday, March 28, 2008

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Pitchfork has an interview with Radiohead's Colin Greenwood, always good for a chat.

Greenwood, a big fan of No Age, will be glad to hear the LA duo has a new song called "Eraser" streaming at MySpace.

And speaking of Pitchfork, they've announced the next portion of their music festival lineup, including the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Mission of Burma and Ghostface & Raekwon.

Does buying vinyl really improve sound quality if the music was recorded digitally in the first place?

EW has an interview with Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) about his new movie Run Fat Boy Run.

Slate, discussing the web sensation Webkinz, asks: "Do stuffed animals have souls?"

Liars in a TV ad? Strange:

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Not a headline I relish: "The Hills returns to all-time-high ratings." Juliana Hatfield feels the same way. And if they seriously make it into a movie I'm going to off myself.

The dude from Stars got the "iPod-on-shuffle" treatment from AV Club.

Elisha Cuthbert, known to 24 fans as "Jack's annoying daughter," will star in a new TV pilot based on a British show that starred Rashida Jones.

Andrew Bird has been blogging about songwriting for The New York Times.

How about interviews with Tina Fey and John Krasinski?

Spoiler alert, Prison Break fans: I don't watch your show, but this seems like a pretty cheap plot development.

Finally, let's end the week with a "Food Fight!" courtesy of Be Your Own Pet.