Lunch Break Links: Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Columbus Alive

Kurt Cobain's ashes have been stolen! (Thanks, strummy.)

British webzine Drowned In Sound has an interview with hometown heroes Times New Viking.

EW offers such goodies as this essay about how superhero movies are sucking the life out of the summer blockbuster and this cover story about spoiler culture. They also gave Harold Perrineau a chance to clarify some of his comments about his role on Lost.

The prosecution has rested in the R. Kelly trial. And here's a trip inside his "log cabin room."

Daytrotter has brought in a lot of cool and unusual musicians to perform in their Rock Island, Illinois studios. But I never would have expected a set from actor Jeff Daniels.

Could Jay Leno be in line to replace Larry King?

Besides a rumored starring role in NBC's spinoff of The Office, Ed Helms has some new movie roles on his plate.

So there was a controversial weed joke at the MTV Movie Awards. Apparently it's a big deal, although I can't possibly understand how or why.

Newly engaged M.I.A. got paid $100,000 to perform at a private afterparty for the MTV thing, which is apparently the hot new way for musicians to make a buck.

Who's that down in Cape Town? It's... Jack Bauer!

Kelsey Grammer suffered a mild heart attack.

A couple surprising tour pairings: Jamie Lidell opening for Elton John makes sense. Spiritualized opening for Lenny Kravitz? Not so much.

Thanks to Pop Candy for this one: RIP, guy who invented Pringles. He was buried in the can!

Lastly, RIP Bo Diddley! NME has links to lots of stars paying tribute to the rock pioneer. Now let's reminisce.