Nature Notes: Holden Arboretum

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Home after a fishing trip on Lake Erie, my dad and I took a nice walk at Holden Arboretum, a revered nature preserve and one of my hometown favorites. Started in 1931, a 100-acre tract has become 3,500 acres of forests, marshland and flower gardens. There's an admission price, but the trails, classes and activities are amazing.

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Strong-armed into birding, my dad got to see about 10 new species. All in all, we saw a pretty good number, though I'm sure things get much busier in better conditions and seasons. Here's what we saw:

Killdeer Red-winged blackbird Cedar waxwing American robin White-breasted nuthatch American goldfinch Mallard Common grackle Canada goose Tree swallow Acadian flycatcher Yellow warbler Song sparrow Chipping sparrow *Orchard oriole Great blue heron Baltimore oriole *Green heron Mourning dove *Eastern kingbird *Eastern bluebird European starling

*New species for me!