Nature Notes: Skunked!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

No, I was not sprayed with unpleasant skunk extract -- I went an entire weekend without fish! Even worse!

My three main fishing spots -- Big Darby Creek and the Olentangy and Scioto rivers -- were completely flooded this weekend, due to torrential rains earlier in the week. It's no fun to wake at 6 a.m., drive 30 miles, put on waders and find that all wading access points are under water. Weak. I need internet at home so I can check these things out beforehand.

Alrightsies, in good news about nature:

  • Birding at Glacier Ridge on Saturday morning was great. I saw some new species: the Eastern meadowlark and the blue-winged teal. Ran into Lynne Gaines, a local photographer whose work can be seen here.
  • Clintonville Outfitters is coming up on its one-year anniversary. If you've never been up there, make a trip at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays, when a group demos kayaks out back on the Olentangy River. They've also got this planned.
  • I'm thinking about taking a two-day canoe and fishing trip around Burr Oak State Park. I figured I could rent a canoe, paddle around for two days, fish the banks and camp at various spots around the lake. The setup shown on the map looks promising.
  • I'm canoeing the Mohican River on June 21, and I super excited for that. I also rented a large group campsite at Mohican State Park for a bunch of friends. I'll give a full report on that in the Venture column in early July.